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Masjid-ul-Aqsa: Its virtues and significance

Masjid ul Aqsa is:The first Qiblah of the Muslims

The station of Isra and Miraj

The second house of Allah Ta’ala built on earth

The place where hundreds of Messengers of Allah Ta’alaare buried

The place where many Companions (RA) are buried

The place where miracles were shown by Allah Ta’ala’s Will

A place which Allah Ta’ala himself calls a ‘blessed place’

Referred to directly and indirectly, seventy times in the Noble Quran

The place where angels have descended with Allah Ta’ala’s message

The only place on earth where all the Messengers of Allah prayed at the same time, led by the
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

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The importance of visiting Masjid al-Aqsa:

Abu Hurairah (RA)relates that the Prophet (SAW)said,
“You should not undertake a special journey to visit any place other than the following three Masajid, with the expectation of getting greater reward : the Sacred Masjid of Makkah, this Musjid of mine (SAW), and Masjid al-Aqsa (of Jerusalem)¨.
In another narration the words are, “For three Masajid, a special journey may be undertaken:
The Sacred Masjid (Ka’bah), my Masjid (SAW), and the Masjid of al-Quds (Jerusalem)¨.
Sahih al Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and Sunan Abu Dawd

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Masjidul Aqsa In Danger

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