Reg No.IT3853/2009NPONo.074-478
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Al-Quds institution is an independent civil organization comprising Arab, Islamic and
International personalities and bodies. Its purpose is to work for safeguarding the city
of Al-Quds, by preserving its Arab identity and its sanctified Islamic and Christian
places. The Institution aims at establishing a comprehensive approach that covers
immediate programs of relief and rescue, seasonal projects and above all strategic
planning to sustainably serve the blessed city and cement the steadfastness of its  

Al-Quds Institution strives to become the largest civil, Arab, Islamic and
Global platform which integrates all the spectrums of beliefs, religions, ideologies
Races and cultures of Muslim and Arab Ummah, in a mission to preserve the cultural
Identity of Al –Quds and support the steadfastness of its people in the face of
Oppression brought upon them by the Zionist Occupation.

Based on this vision, the institution is working to accomplish, among others, the
Following objectives namely:

1.    Encountering the Zionist plans to Judaize Al Quds and defying the efforts
            aimed at scarping the symbols of its civilization;

      2.  Strengthening the presence of Palestinian people in the land of Al-Quds and
           providing them all available ingredients which cement their steadfastness;

      3. Spreading awareness raising and understanding about the nature of conflict
           with Zionism and its dangers on Al-Quds;

      4. To augment the Christian-Islamic common understanding about Al-Quds at         
           Palestinian, Arab world and International levels;
      5. Unification of Arab, Islamic and Palestinian standpoint towards the rescue of Al-      Quds;
      6. Exposing the inhuman practices of the Zionist occupation against the people,
          land, holy places and institutions in the occupied city.

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