Reg No.IT3853/2009NPONo.074-478
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The total number of Jerusalemite prisoners and detainees at the Occupations’
prisons and detention facilities was estimated by 300 at the end of 2010. The
longest standing Jerusalemite prisoner is Fouad Al-Razim, intered his 30th year in
capitivity on 30/1/2011
Four Jerusalemite ladies were imprisoned by the Occupation at the end of 2010.
These are:
- Aminah Jawad Ali Mona (detained on 20/1/2001),
- Sana’ Mohammad Hussein Shehadeh (detained on 24/5/2002),
- Ibtissam Eisawi (detained on 24/10/2001),
- Nada Ata Issa Derbas (detained on 8/5/2007).

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