Reg No.IT3853/2009NPONo.074-478
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The cover is designed to isolate Jerusalem and Judaize

Involves "Jerusalem envelope" hosted by "Israel" on the Holy City of Jerusalem on several targets, including isolation of the city from its Palestinian surroundings and discharged from the Arab population and make it a center of the Jewish state.

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Survey the impact of the wall and its consequences on the forced displacement of Palestinians in Jerusalem, June -2006

1. Concepts and terminology
2. The press release about the key findings of the survey
3. Tables

Concepts and terminology
Locality: space from the surface of the earth inhabited on a permanent basis and have a formal administrative authority, or any area of the Earth's surface is permanently populated and geographically separate from any gathering of its neighbor,and recognized customary and do not have an independent administrative authority.


Read more: Survey the impact of the wall and its consequences 

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