Reg No.IT3853/2009NPONo.074-478
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Jewish settlement and its impact on the political and security of Jerusalem

In the name of God the Merciful

The design of (Israel) on the establishment of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories despite the violation of international law and international legitimacy, a problem of great importance, and the issue should be on everyone that knows and cares for them,

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Excavations (Israel) on the Al-Aqsa Mosque

No doubt, that Palestine, the cradle of civilization, and the country's religions, and the home of science and knowledge, which is also the country of the writing craft, and maker of civilizations and kingdoms, and is the cemetery for all civilizations, which is the country's unification, and the holy land,

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Masjidul Aqsa In Danger

 The Eye on Al Aqsa


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