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Al Quds Residents... Race numbers

Source: Al Jazeera Net

Statistics indicate "Israeli" official issued the end of 2000 that the population in the city increased by 2% of the total population of 646.3 thousand people, including 436.7 thousand Jews by 67.6%, while the Arab population increased by 209.5 thousand Arabs 32.4%.

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Land and Holy Sites

Source: Palestinian Strategic Report 2006 - Chapter VII - Zaytuna Center for Studies


2006 showed the determination of the Palestinian people for their right to land and holy places, in spite of all kinds of oppression, deprivation and suffering under occupation, "Israel." At the same time revealed a closer this year for the Zionist occupation in his steps to Judaize the land and holy places.

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Masjidul Aqsa In Danger

 The Eye on Al Aqsa


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