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Demographic Landscape of the City of Al Quds

Source: Engineer Riad seminar from Zaid - Damascus

In the city of Al Quds, there is an attempt search does not depend blogging, but: the ground, topographical and science and statistics ...

The city of Al Quds in its current location since the third millennium BC to the four mountains:
Mount Moriah (selected): The Sanctuary him.
Mount Zion (the Prophet David): Built upon Jerusalem Alibusih.
Mount pesetas (Olive House): near Herod's Gate today.
Mount Accra: The Church of the Resurrection on the slopes.

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Al Quds...concepts must be clarified

Source: IOL

"Jerusalem" in its apparent city lying at latitude 52.31 and longitude 13.35 on the uneven plateau with an altitude between 2130 and 2469 feet, and the city is on the Mediterranean Sea about 32 miles (55 km) to the west, and the Dead Sea 18 miles (22 km) to the east, and about 26 miles from the Jordan River, and about 19 miles south of Hebron, and 30 miles north of Sebastia, and away from the Red Sea, 250 km to the south.

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Masjidul Aqsa In Danger

 The Eye on Al Aqsa


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