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Architecture and women Alkhatunah

Source: By / Sheikh successful Bakirat - Palestine Foundation for Culture (quote)

Praise be to God who made the Nation of Islam creators and innovators, engineers, and engineers, and to make the faithful men and women, some of them parents enjoin right and forbid what is evil, and there was one day battle fakes being fought on behalf of the women of the crash religion and Bill Lord, but the integration and construction and tender.

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Al Quds tunnels leading to Damour and destroy, Alexanderia and Madina

Source: By / Ziad Mona - Arab 48:

Barely a few months pass without declaring for the Zionist enemy "discoveries" under the new city of Jerusalem. Once announces found inscriptions, and sometimes on the tunnels, and so forth.

But where lies the truth in this matter? Are you able to Erkyulogio the Zionist entity, and with them Alerkyulojeon Alturatyon, really to find the evidence and evidence does not rise to doubt about the interpretation of biblical and Talmudic of the history of ancient Jerusalem?

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Masjidul Aqsa In Danger

 The Eye on Al Aqsa


Show Your Devotion


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