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History of Al Quds

Al Quds is a city as old as the history and the historians to determine the time of construction of Jerusalem is known and can not historian determined and the beginning of its existence linked to Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was built after the Sacred Mosque to 40 years, and remember the historical sources, they have been since its inception empty desert of valleys and mountains, was the first Arab migrations Canaanite to the north of the Arabian Peninsula, BC, about three thousand years, and settled on the West Bank of the Jordan River, and reached its extension to the Mediterranean Sea, and called the earth from the river to the sea, "the land of Canaan," and created these Canaanite city (Aursalm).

Has taken the Arab tribes, the first from the city center to them, "and settled in. been associated Petrabha, which has made the name of the city," Jebus ". Was repelled by the raids Egyptians, and repelled by the tribes also Hebrews wandering in the desert of Sinai, and succeeded in repelling the invaders reported Ozmana for so many.

Underwent the city of Jerusalem to the influence of the Egyptian pharaonic starting from the 16th century BC. AD, in the reign of King Akhenaten suffered invasion "Alkhaberu" Hebrews, could not the Egyptian ruler Abdi Ikhyeea to win them, the city remained in their hands to be returned again to the Egyptian influence in the reign of King Seti I 1317 - 1301 BC. AD.

Captured by Alexander the Great on Palestine, including Jerusalem, and after his death, his successors continued Macedonians and the Ptolemies in the rule of the city, and seized in the same year Ptolemy and combined with Palestine to his kingdom in Egypt in 323 BC. AD, then in 198 BC. Became a subsidiary of Slloukiin in Syria After the annexation Klux Nikator, and was influenced by the population in that period, Greek civilization.

Romanian army commander seized Boumbeji Jerusalem in 63 BC. M. and annexed to Alambrataiwih Romania, then split the empire Romania into western and eastern Palestine was from the eastern part of the Byzantine, has seen Palestine this division period of stability that lasted more than two hundred years, which helped to the growth and prosperity of the country economically and commercially, as well as residential, which helped the pilgrimages to the holy places.

This did not last long stability, has entered the King of Persia, "Khosrow II" (Pervez) Syria, and extended advance until the occupation of Jerusalem and the destruction of churches and holy places, particularly the Church, "the Holy Sepulcher." It is noteworthy that of the rest of the Jews joined the Persians in this campaign in their desire to take revenge on Christians, and so the Byzantines lost control of the country. It did not last long, as he Emperor "Hercules" the occupation of Palestine in 628 AD and the right to gallop home and retrieved the Holy Cross.

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